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About Real Blue Sky

Our Mission

We seek out organizations with like values and serve them through assessment, strategic development & execution. We help you identify areas of opportunity and risk, then design your roadmap, develop your people, processes and tools to deliver blue-sky customer engagement.

Guiding Values

At Real Blue Sky, being real is not only about bringing great ideas to life, it’s also about being authentic and transparent in our engagement with one another, our clients, our business partners and others. We aspire to daily live up to our core values and hold one another accountable to do just that.


We have self-respect and respect for others; we demonstrate this with integrity. We say what we mean and match our behaviors to our words. We do what is right, not merely convenient. We are intellectually honest with an unbiased pursuit of the truth.


We pursue excellence, not perfection. We deliver on our promises. We coach others up. The pursuit of perfection violates the Pareto principle and is unreasonable and inefficient.


We own our results and don’t pass the buck. We take accountability for our actions and take ownership of their results. We respectfully hold others accountable. We clearly identify owners for each expected outcome.


Regardless of role, we demonstrate leadership. We continually improve. We have a bias toward action. We compare ourselves to the best – both our best and others.

Member of the
Contact Center World

Our Leadership

Bryant Richardson

Bryant Richardson

Founder / CEO

For over 30 years, Bryant has headed teams in executive leadership roles in customer experience management (CEM) as a recognized leader in transforming operations and the use of technology to continually improve the business of customer experience. He previously held COO, CIO and other executive roles leading customer experience, both insourced and outsourced, supporting great brands like AEGON, Apple, AT&T, Charter, Citigroup, Dell and many others.

Bryant graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington College of Business. He continues to maximize the return on investment – both in people and technology to deliver better results – as he advocates delivering on the promise of blue-sky customer engagement – that is, making blue sky real.

Bryant currently serves on the board of directors for Embrace Waiting Children – a nonprofit focused on social services and child welfare. When not working, you can find him motorcycling the byways of North Texas or cooking up something fresh for friends and family in the kitchen of his Dallas-area home.

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