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Bryant Richardson

Founder / CEO

Bryant Richardson is the founder and president of Real Blue Sky, LLC, a consultancy focused exclusively on customer experience management.  Since childhood, Bryant has always loved understanding what makes things work and how to make them better. And for over 30 years, he has been transforming customer experiences for top global brands, as a recognized leader in renovating customer operations and the use of technology to continually improve the business of customer experience.

Bryant graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington College of Business. He has led both insourced and outsourced customer experience centric teams in various managerial and executive roles serving financial services, technology, telecom, healthcare, retail, and more recently, nonprofit verticals.  His depth across technology, customer operations, sales and human capital domains fuels his advocacy for delivering on the promise of blue-sky customer engagement – that is, making blue sky real.

Bryant Richardson

Podcast Appearances

avaya podcast-the experience

The Experience

Avaya’s Chris Bain speaks with Bryant Richardson, CIO for Skybridge Americas, about enhancing the customer and employee experience through cloud.


Bryant Richardson Keynote Speaking Topics

Reinvigorating Inside Sales Channels

After years of great success with inside sales, a financial services client’s lead generation contact center was floundering. Delve into the strategies that overhauled the customer experience through messaging and campaign management strategy, resulting in doubling results (97%) and tripling results, respectively – a 6X performance improvement. This presentation includes an interactive session to answer questions and discuss strategies or challenges the audience is experiencing.

Exploring Disparate Data to Unlock Customer Value

Very often, we have so much disparate data in the contact center, it can be challenging to connect the data, let alone make meaningful use of it.  Call detail records can tell you how much queue time, talk time, hold time a particular caller experienced – and even that they called back twice after abandoning. And while it may tell you which number they dialed or option they selected, it doesn’t really tell you what they called about. Your trouble ticket system has the details about why the customer called – about two separate issues – yet has nothing about how frustrated the client was with the lengthy hold time that led to abandoned calls.

Explore a case study in which telephony, CRM, case management and survey data was merged to better understand customers, best practices, training needs. The net result was even better customer experiences, gains in employee experience and lower costs.

This presentation concludes with an interactive session to answer questions and discuss strategies or challenges the audience is experiencing.

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